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Why mentoring after the crown / after the national competition?

Over the 7 year I competed in the Miss Arizona Organization, I had the opportunity to acutely observe how the girl’s moral was heading into the national competition, and then how it declined towards the end of their year.

So many Miss Arizona’s, and other state titleholders, seemed lost towards the end of their year, like they didn’t know what to do next. After years of working so hard and finally achieving their dream, as the said dream was coming to an end, they were coming apart.

As Miss Arizona I got some more perspective as to why this can be the case.

Leading up to the Miss America competition you have so many people surrounding and supporting you – interview coaches, modeling coaches, talent coaches, directors tracking your every move, your closest family and friends, and general support from people within the organization. And then after Miss America *poof*, all of that support and those people fade overnight. You are left on your own to figure out what to do with the rest of your year.

I am here to make the case that titleholders arguably need as much coaching and support before the Miss America competition as they do after the competition. At Miss America only one girl wins, and the rest of the candidates have to face the real world within the next 6-8 months. Shouldn’t setting the girl up for success in the real world be just as important as setting her up for success at Miss America? I think that it is!

During the second half of your year there is a huge opportunity to make connections in your state, grow your network, and add to your professional career. If done well, these opportunities put titleholders’ years ahead of their peers. Young women work incredible hard to win their state titles - why not have all that work benefit your career!

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