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Landing your dream job

Getting to Washington, DC after being Miss Arizona I found that my biggest challenge while searching for a job was communicating how my skills from pageantry and being Miss Arizona translated to the professional world. After multiple resume reviews, 6 months of job interviews, and talks with older mentors, I finally cracked the code and landed my dream job as Deputy Press Secretary for Customs and Border Protection. Granted, not every woman invovled with pageantry wants to go into comms, PR, and media like I did, but the professional skills translate across all career paths.

Let me help you land your dream job!

Quick Stats about Social Media growth, etc:

As Miss Arizona I designed a social media growth strategy which led to 45% growth and 400% increased engagement across all verified Miss Arizona accounts.

Historically, several previous Miss Arizona’s before me majored in marketing and went on to careers in PR, but through my strategy execution and developed skills I was able to garner more engagement any previous Miss Arizona. It’s been said a million times, but hard work beats innate talent every time.

I created all the branding, multimedia content, graphics, presentation, PR outreach, and data analytics for the organization, and my efforts lead to the first successful revenue-generating Miss Arizona social media accounts in the organization’s history.

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